Sunday, February 15, 2015

this is the story about

this is the story about the secret agent
who stands by concealing his identity
who stands by the loneliness far away to protect his fiancè
who stands by feeling so much guilty and tormented after postponed his wedding

this is the story about the mail man
who brings new like a magazine would do
who brings smiles under his sweaty cap though he was tired
who brings only a box of fried rice for his wife on his way to home

this is the story about the pedicap rider
who drives from dawn to dusk
who drives in fatigue and still disrespected by the heartless mothers from the market
who drives miles just to buy his daughter a birthday gift

this is the story about the brat guy
who lives particularly next door
who lives under the addictions of drugs
who lives struggling, suffering his pain

this is the story about the prostitute
who desires being a daddy's little girl instead of late night in the club
who desires to be loved by her true love
who desires a practical normal life

this is the story about the born to be rich
who wear his pride everywhere he goes
who wear expensive suits and arlojis
who wear no more his dream becoming a doctor for he was sadly forced to run his father's company

this is the story about the famous lawyer
who gives her best in the front of law court
who gives victims hope to win the session
who gives her mind an order not to concern the misjudged for helping criminals

this is the story about the poor fresh graduates
who works at the bar serving beers to pay back the debt to the mafia
who works on his weed everytime he lose his faith to God
who works to death to buy ring for his engagement

this is the story about the mafia
who slays every single soul who considered as an enemy
who slays also his conscience everytime he murder people
who slays his heart into pieces pretending not to have any kind of human sense

this is the story about the stubborn
who still close both of their eyes and ears
who still follow the stereotype and think one sided only

who still dumbly realize nothing after the past three minutes reading my poem

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