Sunday, February 15, 2015

a Déjà Vu

in the light of evening you're dying of hunger

and decided to eat commons habitual supper

you offered the menu saying "the meal is lecker"

i said no my coffee is more more better

you're a freak of sleepless and smokes like endless

you forgot stuffs and naturally reckless

you dont blabber much and say things careless

even so, we went along better than the previous

i think i'm kind of misjudge you

for when it rains who gave me an umbrella is you

it feels like a Déjà Vu

a Déjà Vu

a Déjà Vu

cause someone ever did it to me too

i went home by the light of you under the moon

your car fragrance adhere my top that sweat at noon

in my dream that night i see us together eating macaroon

i hope that we could catch up again soon

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