Sunday, February 15, 2015

tiny cotton candy

i was an innocent brat who did a crime

cause in this giant gaze of bliss i crossed the line

i barely remember the phrase of wicked 

it is free to put me in jail i'd be punished

when the sun goes down the sky

my sins were slipping by

through the warmth of laughters

through the jiggle of shoulders

this song is about some guilty plea

for thinking about tiny cotton candy idea

that dissolve at the tip of the tounge area

and unseen by the cornea

you'll see how lies works

you'll feel how lies worth

this last sips of caramel taste sweet and quench

i wish there are still more in my clench 

oh no

the swinging of clockwise is breaking the bench

but thanks to God, He forgive me by the drenched

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