Saturday, March 28, 2015

its okay

i saw that black of loneliness
in the brown of yours
and at the same time
the melodies of mellow hardcore
are also heard through the beats of that walking step
i dont exactly understand how hard it is
that maybe gravity and your sanity
are secretly compromizing
to take you down under the rain of anxiety
did you bought satisfaction with the money you earn?
oh jesus, you bailed out pain with the money you pay
you filled the mind of yours
every kind of artificial bliss
in every friday
smoke, girls, club
little true good guy
youre just completely drunk
let me drive you out of nowhere till 5 in the morning
and you can be yourself till the day of endless
ill lean you my shoulder
the time youre ready to stop pretending
its okay for everyone to get tired
its okay for everyone to be weak
its okay for everyone to feel ordinary
what are you worry about?
dont be scared
a mask that made of steel
really is incriminating
all you need is a warm blanket
with a waterproof mattress
where its free to cry
and safe to harbour
let your fear be burned
and when you built the faith
the dawn of our enchanting day star
will ready to kiss you its light
on the bright of your smile
its okay for everyone to finally realize
its okay for everyone to get back to be exactly the way they were

its okay for everyone to miss themselves

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