Saturday, March 28, 2015

So sleep son

beneath the dark
under the moonlight
our locomotive cross the green field
with this baby blue blanket
and you slept in my arms
im tansfering my warmth
i remember the time
you were still five
you said,
"daddy look at my muscle,
when i grow up i wanna be just like kungfu hustle,
cause i knew life is cruel
i dont want to hear you rustle"
oh son, what is it to be grown up
this 25 years i spent my life
is just a joke of and old broken casette
tangled and shrilled
ah the hell with where this train would go
as long as im with you i'll go
mama there always watching from above
everynight she kisses you a good dream
and wakes you by the heat of the morning sun
she grant me her death
so that you come to my world
and give me my lost conscience
so sleep son
my son
my pride
my brave
my wealth
my weakness
my soul
my son

(Semarang, 6 Maret 2015)

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