Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mini Project 5 (additional - chord ukulele version)

Lyric by Hoyri Mohammad
Melody and Rhythm by Imam Akbar & Annisa R

Intro: Instrumental Melody (tablatur menyusul)

    C                      F
I got interested in you
       Am                               G
And i wanted to take care of you
       C                                    F
Walking down the street and holding hands
       Am                G
And letting time pass by

C               F  
paaaarap pap paaaap
Am                        G
paaaarap pap pap parapapap

        C                          F
A long hug and cry untill my eyes dry
      Am                    G
Thats all i want but i think
        C                                      F
You'll misunderstand, i'm greedy to be
      Am               G
To be special for you


        C                           F        Am            Gm
I'm still in my dream and reality never really hits me
      C                           F
Time doesnt come to make me realize
   Am                 G
If i stay longer here
                 C F      Am
And i will have regrets
I really think that the memories will remain
         C F Am           G
And stay
             C F Am D
Until i die

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